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Sketch freely in perspective
like never before!

Perspective Sketch is a 2D, pixel based sketching and drawing application with a simple UI, focused on speed and simplicity.

It's lightweight and focused on one thing: Sketching in perspective in 2D and making it as fast and intuitive as possible.

Think of Perspective Sketch as a tool you use, like a pencil, pen, or ruler. It's a tool in your toolbox. You can also color or paint your sketches (see screenshots), but that is not the primary focus of the app.

All workflows, design-choices and functions have an emphasis on speed, to allow you to quickly experiment with ideas. If you are working on a Windows Tablet, the buttons of the UI have been made extra big, with no sub-menus, so you can easily access all functions with your pen or stylus.

For the perfectionist artist, concept art, fast architecture sketching, background and environment art.

How does it work?

In Perspective Sketch you choose between one of three
Drawing Modes: Free Mode, VP Mode, HoVe Mode.

Free Mode

Sketch freely for organic and curvy things like humans, animals, trees.

VP Mode

Sketch in perspective and place Vanishing Points (VP) anywhere on or outside of your canvas (you can zoom out pretty far). In VP Mode you can  freely sketch towards the direction of your targeted Vanishing Point and all your lines simply come out perfectly aligned to that Vanishing Point - as if there was an invisible ruler guiding your hand.

It really feels like magic when you try it for the first time.

No keyboard keys necessary. Just you and your pen, stylus or mouse, sketching back and forth. No drag and drop, just sketch your lines.

Of course there are shortcuts for things like quickly switching the targeted Vanishing Point (tab key) or quickly switching Drawing Mode (space key), as you can see happening in the animation and videos, but you don't have to hold any keyboard keys while drawing - it's really fluid sketching.

HoVe Mode

Allows you to quickly sketch perfect Horizontal (Ho) and Vertical (Ve) lines by guessing which one you most likely intended. In HoVe Mode you just start sketching and all lines come out either perfectly horizontal or vertical, no keyboard keys, no drag and drop involved, just sketching back and forth, here and there, quick and easy.

What You Get

Three Drawing Modes:

① FREE MODE: Sketch organic detail.
② VP MODE: Sketch lines in perspective.
③ HOVE MODE: Sketch perfect horizontal and vertical lines.


Add, Delete, Duplicate, Rename, Opacity, Drag-To-Reorder, Hide, Show


Zoom in to work on details in an area. Zoom out to check your changes in the context of the overall sketch, and easily zoom back in to continue working on that area. The zoom will always automatically zoom back in to the last area you worked on.

Dynamic Canvas Resize:

Quickly grow and shrink your canvas by dragging on any of the borders or corners. Also works for quickly erasing large portions. Start out working small and if you feel like expanding your sketch, simply grow its size at any time.


Use Dynamic-Canvas-Resize (see above) to shrink away larger portions of your canvas to erase them, then dragging that side out again.

Brush Settings:

Size Select, Color Select, Image Color Picker

Erase Mode:

Let your strokes erase instead of paint. Works in combination with all three Drawing Modes. Great in combination with Line-Preview (see below) for precise erasing of VP-Mode strokes.

Line Preview:

Preview your VP-Mode and HoVe-Mode lines for perfect alignment in your sketch.

Undo and Redo:

Quickly undo any mistakes.


JPEG: Save what you see, no transparency.
PNG: Save with transparency.
PSKETCH: Save layers and vanishing points.

Built-in Help Menu:

No annoying opening of external applications like PDF-reader or browser for HTML-documentation. The help-menu is built-in and when open, button functions are explained with short texts, images and animations by clicking on the button of interest in the UI, right where it is located.
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Tags2D, architecture, art, background-art, Backgrounds, concept-art, Drawing, Perspective, perspective-drawing, perspective-sketching
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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